How To Prevent Car Lockouts

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Preventing Car Lockouts

Being prepared for a car lockout emergency is always prudent; however there are also a number of steps that you can take to prevent car lockouts.

You can keep a copy of your spare key and fob on your person; in your wallet or handbag for example. This can however be risky because if your wallet or handbag gets stolen, the thieves will also have quick and easy access to your car.

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You can choose to keep a copy of your keys and fob with trusted friends, neighbours or family members. It is important that whoever you choose to give your spare keys to is both trustworthy and dependable, as they will have to be available, close enough and willing to bring your keys to you at any time.

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You may also choose to keep a copy of your key and fob on your car stored in a magnetic box. This box should be kept in a secret locate on known only to you, and you should ensure that you remove it whenever you have your car serviced. This option is risky and can potentially cause you more of a headache than simply calling your local locksmith for assistance.

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Ultimately, if you need a local car lockout specialist you should look no further than your local locksmith. Not only will you get 24 hour around the clock emergency service, you will also be assured that the job will be done quickly, efficiently and without any hassles or damage.

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